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India's 'Rent-a-Womb' Industry Draws Criticism

India's 'Rent-a-Womb' Industry Draws Criticism
They are paid for that job,” Patel noted in the BBC documentary “House of Surrogates,” which aired on Tuesday in the U.K. and provided a look inside Patel's Akanksha Infertility Clinic. “These women know there is no gain without pain. I definitely see …
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Improving IVF Chances Of Success

If you are about to undergo an IVF procedure or planning one in the near future, you are making a big investment in both financial and emotional terms. Naturally, you will want to do everything possible towards improving IVF chances of success and there is much preparation you can do beforehand to increase the probability of a good outcome.

Very often, the man’s role in achieving a pregnancy is overlooked and as far as IVF is concerned, much seems to be focused on the woman’s role. However, it is vital that both parties take steps to ensure that they are as ready as possible in both the physical and emotional sense.

What You Eat

One of the simplest and yet most effective steps you can both take for improving IVF chances of success is to improve your diet. Conception requires healthy, mobile sperm and that the woman’s body is prepared to receive the fertilised egg. A diet deficient in essential nutrients is bad for both the man and woman. Wherever possible, organic foods are a must and you should eat as little sugar and refined carbohydrates as possible. One very negative food for fertility is trans-fat. Organic lean meats and other low fat proteins are good for those trying to conceive as are fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and wholegrains. You should both drink plenty of filtered water.

Many couples take the specialist pre-natal supplements and you might want to speak to your doctor to check if this is appropriate for you.

Taking Exercise

Taking regular exercise is vital for improving IVF chances of success. However, don’t go overboard with this. It is a time for gentle or moderate exercise as strenuous forms can affect hormones and disrupt the monthly cycle. Try brisk walking, yoga or tai-chi.

Alternative Therapies

You will find a great deal of information about using alternative therapies alongside IVF and what many find surprising is that recommendations often come from conventional doctors, particularly as far as acupuncture is concerned. There are a number of studies which seem to indicate that this therapy can help to improve the blood supply to the uterus, thus improving the quality of the lining. In addition, many believe that it can increase the quantity of eggs for collection.

Managing Stress

Stress levels are difficult to determine and usually, if you feel you are stressed, then no measurement is needed! This can be a great detractor from IVF and decreasing stress is a good way of improving IVF chances of success. Often, very simple methods work best. Think about what relaxes you rather than seeking advice from others. Is it reading a book quietly or going for a gentle walk? Maybe a warm bath is what makes you feel at peace or you might like to try a relaxing massage.

If you would like further comprehensive information on improving IVF chances of success, you might like to consider taking a look at the program, The Full Embrace.

Specifically designed to teach you exactly what to do before in vitro fertilization, this program will help dramatically improve your chances of becoming pregnant with just one cycle, using techniques which are scientifically proven to work.

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Glass of wine a week can cut chances of pregnancy by a third

Glass of wine a week can cut chances of pregnancy by a third
Dr Dara Godfrey, of New York fertility clinic Reproductive Medicine Associates, carried out research on 91 women undergoing IVF treatment. She told a meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston that teetotal women in the study …
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