If You Retain Water Electrolytes Are Potentially Imbalanced

Toget your health questions answered visit our blog www.healthydoctors.com . Type in your search words in the search box. Dr. Borkin and Dr. Robert Rowen, MD understand when to use allopathic, conventional, alternative, complimentary and oxidative medicine to help their patients heal and experience optimal health. Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD is a pioneer in hormone and electrolyte research. He specializes in hormone and electrolyte testing and balancing. For more information contact him at: 888-285-9098 or by email: doctorborkin@gmail.com. His evaluation of hormones levels in patients provides an in-depth snap shot of the health level and disease processes. These tests and the unique balancing programs created by the trained doctors and lab technicians are incredibly valuable for individuals who have used anabolic steroids, HGH (human growth hormone), insulin, testosterone and progesterone without understanding the importance of exact supplementation in response to test results. Gross dosing without testing has caused many people to be biochemically and hormonally out of balance. Dr. Michael Borkin is also one of the creators of the science of bio-identical hormones and transdermal (through the skin) creams. Unique creams are created for each patient to restore hormonal homeostasis. The creams are made up of hormones, hormone precursors, nutrients, homeopathics, herbs and electrolytes. Specific electrolyte and nutrient rich supplements help balance each patient’s bio
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