Natural Insecticides and Fertilizers

Summer is finally here, time to enjoy the garden, relaxing while the kids and pets run around the yard. Till its time to do some actual yard work of course. I was planning to fertilize the lawn this weekend and do something about those aphids on the roses so went to my local superstore. As always they had a wide range at the best prices. But everything had warnings on it, even something as simple as potting soil warned to use gloves when handling. When did gardening become so dangerous?

There must be greener alternatives and really green ones not just an admans idea of what sounds green. So rather than waste any more time at the garden center I ventured forth on the net.

I want something that

will keep my children and pets safe from harmful chemicals
Can be easily made up and replenished with natural ingredients
Helps produce naturally bountiful fruit and vegetables
A lush lawn that is the envy of my neighbors

Of course there is no one miracle recipe that does it all but there are a lot of recipes for natural fertilizers and insecticides out there. I even discovered genuine organic products ranging from fertilizer ( for those of you who do nt want to mix your own) to beneficial nematodes, a natural way to rid your garden of pests.

A few simple fertilizer recipes

Coffee : Use leftover coffee to water the plants. However make sure to dilute it before using it. You can make use of this ratio one part of coffee to 4 parts of water. You can use the solution once every other week. Do not do it frequently.

Coffee grounds : line a metal tray with newspapers and spread used coffee grounds evenly on the paper not more than ¼ inch.

After the grounds are dry, put them directly on the soil around the plants

Eggshells : provide a rich source of potassium and calcium. Make powdered eggshell fertilizer by drying out empty eggshells. Put five crushed eggshells into the soil around every plant. It is the best fertilizer for outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can even store the liquid eggshells for the plants. To make liquid eggshell fertilizer, boil 20 eggshells in a gallon of water. Allow them to steep for 8 hours before removing the shells. Store it in a covered container and use it just once a week. A solution of 1 tbs of apple vinegar and 1 gallon of water (especially alkaline tap water) will help houseplants to become lush green.

Simple Safe insecticide

Soak in water the following: Lemon peels and/or Orange peels, Mint leaves and/or sage leaves Lavender leaves If you can soak them overnight and in the morning you’ll have a strong “tea.” Strain this and use half of this mixture and add witch hazel to make up the other half and put in a spray bottle. Simply lightly spray yourself down with this mixture and shall be good to go in the evening. This natural insecticide can also be used on the kids and the dog too. Do not use on your cats though

Ric Leddy

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