New York-New York University

New York University is a private, secular, research University. It is located in the New York City. The main campus of university is located in the Greenwich Village part of Manhattan. New York University is founded in 1831. New York University is the one of main private, nonprofit institution in the United States. New York University also operates foreign study faculties in Paris, London, Prague, Madrid, Berlin, and Shanghai. The New York University has also opened a campus of Tisch School of the Arts in Singapore and in September 2010 New York University has opened campus of liberal arts in Abu Dhabi. New York University is also planning to open campus in China which can grant portal degree. The New York University logo is the upheld torch. The inspiration of this logo is from the statue of liberty. The New York University logo is designed in 1965 by professional graphic designer Tom Geismar. The most buildings of New York University are located across 229 acre area. The main part of New York University is its Washington Square campus which is located in the heart of Greenwich Village. The most ceremonies of the New York University are held in Washington Square Park.

There are also many libraries are in the different campuses of University .The main library of New York University is Bobst Library. It is built in between 1967 and 1972. It is very largest library and one of the best educational libraries in the United State. It is a 12 story building. The covered area is 425,000 square foot. The 2,000 seats are available for students in library for sitting. The library is designed by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster. 6,800 students visit library each day and more than one million books are circulate annually.

Bobst’s Avery Fisher Center is for Music and Media. It is one of the world’s largest educational media centers. Students and researchers use more than 95,000 audio and video recordings annually. The Digital Studio offers a continuously developing, innovative resource for faculty and student projects. Bobst library has special and very important and unique collection.

New York University School of engineering and technology is known as Polytechnic Institute of New York University. It is located in the Downtown Brooklyn. This is one of the oldest institutes in the United State. Electrical engineering, polymer chemistry, aerospace, and microwave engineering courses are popular here. The location of this institute is very good it is located in the MetroTech Centre. The institute has also many facilities like new library. The other campuses of University are New York University School of Medicine, Institute of the Study of the Ancient World and New York University Institute of Fine Arts. The New York University is also providing the facility of residence hall .12, 500 students are living in these hall . Rooms are airy and have facilities considered unusual for individual college residence hall rooms, such as kitchens and living rooms. The New York University has its own transportation system for its students.

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