Possible Cures for Infertility

When you are having difficulty having a baby, it is important to get to the bottom of the cause of the problem. This is done by having both the mother and the father tested in order to determine if there are any problems that are making conception difficult. Once you have identified any underlying health problems or issues, you can then work towards considering possible cures for infertility.

Possible Cures for Infertility

There are many possible cures that exist for infertility depending upon the type of problems that you are having. For example, if you have a hormone imbalance or hormone problems that are causing you to struggle with fertility issues, then you may need to have hormone therapy. Correcting the hormone imbalance can correct the problem. If you have scarring on the uterus, then this could be corrected in some cases through a surgical procedure in order to make it easier to become pregnant.

The nature of the cure will often depend upon your specific problem. However, there is one common cure that is used for many different people who are suffering from a variety of issues, including those that simply have difficulty with fertilization. This cure is in vitro fertilization.

With in vitro fertilization, a woman is administered hormone therapy to encourage many eggs to mature all at once. This goes on over several weeks or several months and involves a woman or her partner administering hormone shots. The eggs are then harvested and they are fertilized in a lab setting. The fertilized eggs can be implanted into the woman- usually [two] are implanted to give the procedure the best chance of succeeding- and hopefully the woman will become pregnant.

In vitro fertilization has made it possible for many couples to have babies that would otherwise be unable to do so. However, there are certain risks associated with in vitro fertilization that can stem from the hormone therapy and from the potential overproduction of eggs that can create issues. In vitro fertilization can also be a time consuming and invasive process.

Another potential cure for many women that are struggling with infertility is in vitro maturation. This is similar to in vitro fertilization in that it helps with the process of the egg becoming fertilized. The difference is that the eggs are harvested before they are mature. This allows a woman to skip the lengthy and expensive hormone therapy treatments. This can make the cost lower and avoid some of the discomfort and health risks. The immature eggs are then matured in the lab and then the process continues in the same way as IVF with fertilization and implantation.

Before considering these or any other cure for infertility, it is important to talk to a fertility specialist who can evaluate your situation and provide you with information on the best course of action. Your fertility specialist will help you to understand what cures for infertility are the most likely to be successful for you so that you will have the very best chance of conceiving the child that you have been hoping for.

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