Surrogacy & Infertility Clinics in India

If a couple cannot conceive a child even after having unprotected sex for a year, it is quite possible that they have fertility issues that need immediate medical attention. Both partners must undergo a series of tests and physical examinations to find out the main cause behind their infertility. Infertility clinics in India are well equipped to perform the required tests and advanced technology is used by many fertility clinics in this field. As a result of the use of advanced technology and the latest medical solutions, infertility clinics in India have brought joys of parenthood to many couples.

When a couple is unable to have a child, the infertility clinics usually test for infertility diseases like deficient sperm production, Variococele, infections, ductal obstruction, ejaculatory dysfunction and other disorders. Many of these infertility diseases require simple medication like antibiotics in case of infection or simple surgeries as in the case of Variococele which infertility clinics in India are well equipped to carry out. Infertility diseases in women include polycystic ovarian disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovalutory dysfunction, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, immunological infertility, pelvic adhesions and many more. Like men, often infertility disorders in women can also be rectified through surgery or medicine.

While the role played by a man in reproduction is limited to producing healthy sperms, a woman has to be in perfect health since she has to provide the fetus with the right environment to develop. Often women have healthy eggs but suffer miscarriages due to disorders in their reproductive system like the uterus or fallopian tube. Often such disorders can be cured through proper treatment which is found in India. Infertility clinics in India boast of offering the best and most advanced infertility treatments. One can get infertility treatments in India at a fraction of the cost as compared to abroad

Infertility treatments include Intra uterine insemination, semen bank, IVF or test tube bay, Egg pick up and embryo transfer, Egg pickup and embryo transfer, laser assisted hatching, egg donation, egg sharing, cryopreservation as well as surrogacy. Often women have healthy eggs but the uterus is not capable of carrying the pregnancy to term in such cases. In such cases a couple can transfer their fertilized egg or embryo in a healthy woman. Many infertility clinics in India offer surrogacy as a treatment option. Often relatives or friends play the role of a surrogate mother to couples.

Infertility and surrogacy clinics have been practicing surrogacy for infertile couples when there are very little chances of other treatments working. Any healthy woman with a healthy uterus can be a surrogate if you cannot find a surrogate mother for your child within your family, infertility clinics in India can help you find a surrogate mother for you.

Author details-Artbaby assists infertile couples to have children through world class Infertility Treatment via Latest Artificial Reproductive Technologies. They help in the treatment of Infertility and provides information on Surrogacy in India

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