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Female infertility treatment acupuncture

Infertility has barren millions worldwide. Both men and women are living depressing life as no chance appears them to turn turtle. Medical science says that one is less fertile as on grows older. The technology has given us opportunity. Infertility treatment is now widely available. There are clinics across the country working superbly.

There are millions of couples in the UK who are living life childless. Researchers say the fertility in women peaks when she is aged between 22-26 years. It begins to decline and accelerates after 35 years. It is precisely unclear the exact chances of a woman to conceive after a certain age. It’s seen in some women to have surprising chances of being conceived successfully at higher age. It depends on many factors.

Many factors are causing infertility in women. Basically these factors are acquired and genetic.Researchers say sexually transmitted infections, Age, Smoking, Overweight or Underweight largely affect fertility in women. These complications are Tubal Damage, Endometriosis, Male problems and other unexplained medical mixes.

First of all, hormonal testing and ultrasounds are carried out to assessovarian age and ovulation. An X-ray of the uterus and tubes are done. It is called HSG, Hysterosalpingogram. This method assesses uterine or tubal status.

Another medical method is surgical procedure , which is called laparoscopy. It is preformed to inspect the interior organs. An endoscopic check of the uterus indicates the structure of the uterus or fallopian tubes. Today,the female infertility treatment has done huge progress in medical technology.

The medical technologies being used by medical practitioners are fertility drugs – hormonal therapy – with artificial insemination: intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization(IVF), gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) and oocyte (egg) donation.

However success rate of the IVF is high-flying. It is one of the successful infertility treatments in women. IVF is In Vitro Fertilisation. Its procedure is simple, safe and successful. The medical process starts with stimulation of the ovary in order to produce fertilizable oocytes (eggs). Retrieval of the oocytes from the ovary is done, followed by fertilization of the oocytes and culture of the embryos in the IVF. The embryo into the uterus is planted. This procedure is called embryo transfer. Millions of couples are using IVF and delivering babies worldwide.


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Fertility through Acupuncture

Married couples who’ve been together for three to five years now wonder what might be wrong with them because even without any form of protection they still could not conceive the child they so desire. Thus they undergo check-up with the physicians and they are then informed that they have infertility issues, same as a number of individuals.

The information then sends the pair to various clinics looking for a cure and get rid for good the not-so rare medical condition. Just when they thought they’ve done it all, they’re introduced to the world of acupuncture and fertility. Well, at least that’s the goal: for the couple to be as fertile as possible so they could bear children.

Acupuncture is that specific type of treatment that involves the insertion of very thin needles in certain body parts which are considered as acupuncture points. These points subsequently represent the numerous organs of the human body that when needled react in a fashion that changes the way in which the organ is functioning.

It comes as no wonder then that acupuncture and fertility go together. Infertility happens for so many reasons but the most typical reason behind infertility is when there is under working of a person’s thyroid glands called hypothyroidism or over working of the same glands that is also termed as hyperthyroidism. So if the glands are acupunctured for correcting the said causes, infertility is then reversed as well. It now becomes easier to conceive.

Now that one is aware that acupuncture and fertility go beautifully together without the dangerous side effects, as acupuncture is a natural type of medical intervention, it’s high time that one is properly ushered into loving the wonderful science and art that is acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment methods are kind of like undergoing physical therapy sessions and it is said that it is most reliable when it happens before and after traditional medical intercessions for example in vitro fertilization or insemination. Patients who want to experience both acupuncture and artificial conception methods are encouraged to undergo acupuncture at most four months and at least three months prior to the medical intervention of choice. Then, once the latter is completed, patients are required to go under another acupuncture session to strengthen the traditional medical intercession. This happens for another three months to reinforce the preferred medical intervention and to prevent a miscarriage from ever occurring.

That’s the best means to utilize acupuncture to achieve fertility and conception. It’s that easy and convenient. All you’ve got to do now is find himself a licensed acupuncturist that acupuncture and fertility might go well together. You need a true-blue acupuncture practitioner that one may be assured that the needles being inserted into his body are not just the right ones but are also needling the right places or acupuncture points.

This is the means for one to use acupuncture towards fertility, since acupuncture could make a person at risk medically if it is not practiced the right way so be careful in choosing the professional who will handle it.

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