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Best Infertility Expert in Delhi, Ashok Clinic

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How can you get pregnant? What causes Infertility? – fertility treatment expert – infertile

www.healthcenteronline.com Hi I am Dr. Paul Jensen, natural fertility expert. — I have successfully helped dozens of couples solve their infertility issues and in turn they have given birth to a healthy child. Infertility is on the rise in America. Many couples seeing a fertility specialist are still unable to conceive and their specialist cannot always give them an answer as to why this is. While infertility has several causes, a common thread for most patients is malnutrition. Years ago, Dr. Francis Pottenger conducted a feeding experiment to determine the effects of processed food on cats. Not only did he see a rapid decline in the health of these cats but he also discovered that he could not continue his experiment more than three generations because the cats could no longer reproduce. Because of the high consumption of non-nutritious, highly processed foods, we are now seeing a similar phenomena occurring in humans. If you are having trouble becoming pregnant I am confidant we can help. Here at the alternative health center we offer proven methods to get your body back on track, which will result in the birth of a healthy child. Give us a call at 801-785-9115 or visit our website healthcenteronline.com for a free consultation.