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Joint Assistance Center in West, Texas Helping Families

Joint Assistance Center in West, Texas Helping Families

Red Cross Volunteer Jill Bode explains what families can expect when they come to a Joint Assistance Center for help.
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Globalizing Homophobia: World Congress of Families, Russia's 'Christian saviors'

Globalizing Homophobia: World Congress of Families, Russia's 'Christian saviors'
The World Congress of Families was founded in 1997 by Religious Right activist (and former Reagan National Commission on Children appointee) Allan Carlson as a project of the Rockford, Illinois-based Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society. WCF's …
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Lesbian Families Getting Pregnant IUI: Tools, Fertility Clinic, Pacific Reproductive Services

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Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Help Families Grow With In Vitro Fertilization & Donor Egg

sAn increasing number of women and couples are choosing to start their families later in life and as a result many are turning to In Vitro Fertilization with donor eggs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], the number of donor egg cycles has almost doubled in the past 10 years from 8131 attempts in 1999 to 15,099 attempts in 2009 [fresh and frozen cycles]. The first known pregnancy achieved with a donated egg occurred in 1984. Today, an estimated 10,000 babies a year are born worldwide from donated eggs.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is a medical practice located in Parker, Colorado that specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. There is an on-site In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory and Andrology Laboratory which is CAP accredited and has high success rates. At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center you get personalized care from Dr. Deborah Smith and her experienced medical team. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center in Parker, Colorado, offers a full spectrum of IVF services including routine IVF, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection [ICSI], Embryo Biopsy, Preimplantation Genetic Testing, Embryo Freezing, Oocyte Freezing and Donor Oocyte IVF.

Many women who have not been able to conceive but want to enjoy the experience of pregnancy and childbirth turn to egg donation at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center due to their high success rates with donor oocyte IVF and competitive package pricing. Poor egg quality due to a woman’s advanced age is the most common reason why single women and couples turn to egg donation. A woman’s egg quality drops when she’s over age 35 and significantly declines after age 39. Egg donation is commonly used by women or couples seeking fertility treatment in which:
•The woman has poor quality or no eggs, but wants the experience and joy of pregnancy not gained through adoption

•The woman has no ovaries but an intact uterus

•The woman has a genetic disease she does not want to pass on to her children

•The woman is over the age of 40, and has been told she will have low success with other therapies

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center In vitro fertilization [IVF] with Donor Eggs begins when the donor oocytes, are surgically retrieved from healthy young women. The woman donating eggs are generally between 21 to 32 years old – at their reproductive prime and old enough to give informed consent. Egg or oocyte donors undergo psychological and medical screening, which includes a thorough medical history and workup. [Donors are paid from about $ 7,000 to $ 12,000 to donate their eggs]. Next, donors receive hormone injections to induce the production of multiple eggs [ten or so eggs versus one]. Dr. Smith, of Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, then surgically removes the eggs from the donor’s ovaries. Most of the egg donors at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center live in Colorado and therefore have their entire cycle strictly monitored by Dr. Smith and her team, to ensure the highest success rates. The IVF lab will attempt to fertilize several eggs in vitro [in a laboratory] using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or donated sperm. The eggs in a donor cycle may be fertilized routinely [sperm placed in the petri dish with the egg] or with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection [ICSI] where the sperm is injected into the egg to allow fertilization [if the male partner’s sperm count is abnormal then ICSI is used]. Fertilized eggs [embryos] are then inserted into the recipient’s uterus. If successful, the embryo will attach to the uterine lining and develop into a healthy baby.

Patients may choose to use an egg donor from an agency or ask a relative/friend to donate oocytes. Success depends on many factors including the age of the egg donor, the number of eggs the donor produces, quality of semen, and the recipient’s overall health. A major risk factor is multiple births – with oocyte donation. The majority of donor egg cycles at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center have resulted in twin pregnancies and the majority of donor cycles have resulted in patients having frozen [cryopreserved] embryos.

To find out more about In vitro Fertilization and the donor egg process visit RockyMountainFertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.RockyMountainFertility.com.