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What is the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy?

How Do I Choose a Gestational Surrogate

Choosing a gestational Surrogate is an important decision. There are some vital factors that should be taken into consideration when finding a surrogate mother for your unborn child. A gestational surrogate should adhere to a trustworthy lifestyle that will result in a healthy and safe environment for the baby. Different medical examinations, as well as psychological evaluations, should be implemented to ensure the surrogate mother is healthy and capable of handling a great responsibility. In this video, Dr. Hummel addresses the factors that should be closely examined before making such an important decision.

Gestational Surrogacy India | Surrogacy Clinic India Experience – 1 of 2

www.medicaltourismco.com California couple shares their story of victory over fertility issues .. thanks to India surrogacy clinic trip. Nivie & J talk about the surrogacy trip planning, failed ivf attempts, shipping of sperm from the USA to India, in this two part video series they talk about their struggles, surrogacy contracts, surrogacy centers, victory, visa, legal issues, birth of twin children in India & more.
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Gestational Surrogacy | Los Angeles Fertility Clinic | California Fertility Partners

Gestational Surrogacy | Los Angeles Fertility Clinic | California Fertility Partners Surrogacy is a treatment in which embryos created through IVF are transferred into the uterus of an unrelated woman to the surrogate mother. Gestational surrogacy is a fertility treatment option often used for women without a functional uterus; for women with underlying medical problems which could cause great risk to mother or baby during pregnancy; for women with history of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause; and to allow conception for gay individuals and couples, when used in conjunction with donor eggs. The success rates are among the highest possible in reproductive medicine today with pregnancy rates of 75-80% and delivery rates over 60%. To learn more about Gestational Surrogacy at Our Los Angeles Fertility Clinic click here: www.californiafertilitypartners.com Also, Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Learn More about Infertility at our Blog: californiafertilitypartners.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Check out our Website: www.californiafertilitypartners.com Share this Video youtu.be about: Gestational Surrogacy | Los Angeles Fertility Clinic | California Fertility Partners
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