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Dr Hitesh Patel taking about different posture, Livewell Pain Clinic Gujarat

http://www.livewellpainclinic.com/ Pain Specialist Dr. Hitesh Patel is talking about different posture. He is taking about which posture is good while workin…
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Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, India – Dr. Hitesh Patel’s Office

This video was taken on 08 August 2009. I purposely recorded this video, with the approval of the Patel’s, on a Sunday. On Monday through Saturday, this place is bustling with activity; too much to be sensitive to privacy concerns. A skeleton crew of staff is available though, usually to assist us IP’s with our daily injections, which usually occur around 11 am. Hitesh is Dr. Nayna Patel’s husband. If one has a genuine interest in learning more about IVF and surrogacy with Dr. Patel, then this forum (Dr. Patel’s Support Group) should be of interest: dr-patel-surrogacy.com.