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Injecting a Somatic Cell into an Ennucleated Oocyte

This video was taken this morning in a cloning lab. My genetics class was taking a tour and they let us inject some oocytes with somatic cells! This is one of my classmates doing an excellent…
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Injecting Lovenox for IVF treatment

Lovenox is a blood thinner, burns like hell, and leaves terrible bruising. However, after 7 IVF cycles I have learned some tricks to help with the pain and bruises. Here they are, I hope they help you, too. Note: This is not for training purposes and each patient has their own dosage, specific doctor’s orders and techniques. This was done to show a friend how I personally do my own shots and I am not a doctor, just an IVF patient. Please direct all questions to your own RE.
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