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What You Need to Know About IVF | Infertility

What You Need to Know About IVF | Infertility

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Jayne Torvill's IVF misery revealed – what fertility facts do you need to know

Jayne Torvill's IVF misery revealed – what fertility facts do you need to know
Getting fertility treatment on the NHS is sometimes referred to as a 'postcode lottery', as what is available and offered to women depends on where they live and what facilities their local NHS Trust has at its disposal. Guidelines are that women under …
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An Aging America – Yet Another Reason Why We Need Immigration Reform

An Aging America – Yet Another Reason Why We Need Immigration Reform
And their higher fertility rates have compensated for the declining native ones. But this is no longer the case. According to a Pew Research Center report last month, immigrant births in the United States have fallen in the last five years from 102 to …
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Need To Visit A Fertility Treatment Center? What To Expect

Very few people ever anticipate needing the help of fertility doctors and only begin to seek out information after the need arises. The thought of undergoing fertility treatments can be stressful and a very emotional experience for most people. However, knowing what to expect can help allay much of the fear and stress involved in the fertility treatment process.

How Long will Your First Appointment Take? For you first appointment to the fertility treatment center, make sure you reserve plenty of time for everything that will take place. You will likely go through a physical examination and then have a session with a physician to talk about your medical history. The fertility treatment center you visit may split these up into two different slots. You can expect that most first appointments will take between 1-3 hours to complete.

What to Expect During a Physical Exam Some fertility treatment centers will ask for the results of any tests performed elsewhere. Others will begin a completely need set of preliminary tests. The medical exam might include several things:

• A physical • Records pertaining to prior tests including infectious disease testing • Estradiol, SSH, and progesterone blood levels • Hysterosalpinogram or sonohysterogram films pictures or radiology report • Semen analysis results • Transvaginal ultrasound

What to Expect During the Meeting with the Physician For some people, the meeting to discuss the fertility treatment process and develop a plan is filled with as much anxiety as it is anticipation. This meeting represents not only hope but also the fears of what’s to come. You can expect these things to happen at your new patient consultation at the fertility treatment center:

• A review and gathering of your medical and reproductive history • A discussion about your family building goals • Building the parameters of your treatment plan based on your beliefs and desires • A review of treatment options, their success rates and costs • A discussion about the required regimen of possible treatment plans • The development of a treatment plan based on either a conservative or more aggressive approach • The assignment of a treatment coordinator • Fertility support recommendations

In most cases, making the first appointment for infertility treatment is much more difficult that the process involved on that day. Having this information for your first visit will enable you to plan for not only the cost, but the emotional aspects as well.

When looking for fertility doctors, finding the right one who fits you and your needs is key. The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) is one of the leading infertility treatment centers.

We Don’t Need To Hunt, Fight and Kill Each Other Any More

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Super-ovulation fertility drugs need better monitoring, doctors warn

Super-ovulation fertility drugs need better monitoring, doctors warn
“When we use gonadotropins in a fertility clinic, where we have the ability to do blood work and ultrasound, we can monitor and adjust their daily doses to control how the women are responding and work towards getting a 'one-egg only' response,” said …
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