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Men Having Babies 2009: The Parent Perspective

Tom used the services of an agency to become a parent through gestational surrogacy. He speaks about the process of choosing surrogacy, the benefits of using…

A professional & personal perspective on IVF – Create Health

IVF is currently an expensive and gruelling process for women, many of whom experience serious side effects during treatment and risk ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS ) or even increased risk of cancer. Unsurprisingly more and more practitioners are returning to ‘Natural IVF’ when treating patients. Geeta Nargund an IVF expert and head practitioner at Create Health, a leading fertility clinic based in Wimbledon wants to educate women into all the options available to them, she argues that no couple trying for a baby are ever the same and neither should be their treatment. Contrary to what you might expect she explains that ‘natural IVF’ does not mean eating organic food and taking up yoga, it is a complex clinical process that works by monitoring a woman’s menstrual cycle closely. ‘Natural’ works on the ‘quality not quantity’ principle, it’s relies on the doctor selecting the healthiest eggs rather than choosing to fertilise all of them. The benefits in opting for this method are overwhelming: no weekly injections, less expense and lower health risks. According to Geeta naturally selected eggs can even be healthier! Explaining all this to those curious about IVF hasn’t been easy so Create commissioned an independent film maker to produce a short educational video to give a personal and professional perpective on natural ivf. We hope you find it helpful. www.createhealth.org