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Rocky quotes

Did you know Sylvester Stallone wrote the movie Rocky? He also directed and the movie was all done in twenty-eight days! There are a total of six movies and the first one came out way back in 1976.

The most famous quote from the first movie and still continued on in every single movie was “Yo Adrian!” Rocky has just gotten done fighting Apollo Creed and has lost due to a split decision. Bloody and beaten, he yells for her and she comes running down into his arms. They say how they love each other and the movie ends on a loving happy note. “Yo Adrian” is a very special thing between the two of them every time he says it. It has so much meaning behind it.

In Rocky II, “I was wonderin’ if, uh, you wouldn’t mind marryin’ me very much.” This was Rocky asking Adrian if she would marry him, of course she said yes! There romance became one of the most famous romances in modern day film history.

The last film, sadly we all miss Adrian and Rocky can’t function without here no matter how hard he tries. At the end of the movie he finally knows its okay to let go and have the strength to move on, “You know I couldn’t have done nothing without you, Yo Adrian we did it”, and touchingly he kisses her tombstone.

“No, maybe I can’t win, maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me, he’s gonna have to kill me, and to kill me, he’s gonna have to have the heart to stand in front of me, and to do that, he’s gotta be willing to die himself and I don’t know if he’s ready to do that. I don’t know, I don’t know.” This quote came from rocky IV in 1985 where he fights the Russian Ivan Drago. He is totally an indestructible freak on steroids. Rocky was also doing the fight for his country he loved so much, the United States. Terrible things were being said about the country and him. So, Rocky definitely kicks some butt!

There were other memorable characters like Paulie and Rocky’s son, Robert, along with many fighters and colorful characters that made the movie what it was and still is to this day.

rocky quotes

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Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, a Premier Rapid City and Denver Fertility

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, a Premier Rapid City and Denver Fertility
With over 25 years experience providing comprehensive fertility options, Dr. Smith is able to customize medical or interventional fertility options. This may include options for hormone treatment, lab procedures or laparoscopy. Rocky Mountain Fertility …
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Infertility Clinic Of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Fertility Provides Female Infertility Treatment With

The unfortunate news of one’s inability to conceive children can be life shattering. The good news, however, is that there are clinics solely dedicated to female infertility treatment. One infertility clinic in Colorado stands out from the rest due to their teams unconditional attention to a couple’s unique challenges of becoming parents. The Rocky Mountain Fertility Centre understands the importance of fertility and will guide you through this tough phase in your life.

Rocky Mountain Fertility [RMF] is a medical practice specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and infertility. RMF provides a full service fertility centre with an on-site IVF lab and andrology lab in a warm and friendly environment. Located in Parker, Colorado, RMF was founded on a philosophy of high success rates, cutting-edge technology, and personalized attention. Through thorough explanations of your best options, rate of success, and cost, RMF will ensure the finest treatment and care.

One of six couples is affected by infertility in the United States and almost two million couples are evaluated for infertility yearly. Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive after one year of sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives or after six months if the female partner is over the age of 35. It is important to note that the chances of infertility increase with age. Between the ages of 20 and 29 one has an 8% [1 in 10] chance of being infertile, 30-39 has a 14.6% chance, 35-39 runs a 21.9% chance, and by the age of 40 one has a 28.7% [1 in 4] chance of infertility. The earlier a couple begins trying to conceive a baby, the greater their chances are of having one.

At Rocky Mountain Fertility they offer different approaches to female infertility treatment. Ovulation Induction is a treatment that helps produce the development of eggs by triggering the development of more than one egg during a cycle. In Vitro Fertilization [IVF] is a five-stage process that involves retrieving the egg from the ovary, sperm from the male and fertilizing the egg outside of the body to then place the fertilized egg into the uterus. These treatments have been proven time and time again to be successful but at Rocky Mountain Fertility they also offer complimentary medicine to use in conjunction with traditional fertility therapies.

More than six million people turn to complimentary alternative medicine to treat a variety of medical conditions. At Rocky Mountain Fertility they have a team of medicine providers that offer guidance and education on the beneficial effects of acupuncture, herbal therapies, diet, and stress reduction programs.


The use of acupuncture has been shown in some studies to improve pregnancy rates. In the 2001 study in Fertility & Sterility, 42.5% of the group treated with acupuncture became pregnant, whereas only 26.3% of the non-treated group became pregnant. Acupuncture can be given for several weeks before a treatment cycle or immediately before and after an Embryo Transfer procedure.

Herbal Therapies

These natural remedies have been shown to decrease and increase fertility. The knowledgeable medicine experts at RMF will help you explore which herbs may be beneficial and which may be harmful to your fertility.


In a large observational study, it was concluded that there are connections between diet and fertility. About one in six women, in this study, had trouble getting pregnant and when their diets were compared with those women who readily got pregnant, several key differences were found. The diet plan described with The Fertility Diet doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy but it has no side effects and motivates you to start eating right for a healthy pregnancy.

Stress Reduction Programs

Stress reduction programs have been an important part of fertility treatment since Alice Domar PhD, pioneered the development of “Mind/Body” programs to improve fertility success. Fertility trained counselors are available to ease the stress of everyday life and coping with infertility.
If you’re having trouble conceiving, do not lose hope. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is dedicated to helping build families every day. For more information about Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, visit their website at rockymountainfertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.rockymountainfertility.com.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Specializes In Female Infertility Treatment

At least 11 million couples in the United States are trying to conceive at any given time. Approximately 20% of these couples will conceive each month. The average couple will take 5-6 months to conceive. A couple is considered to be “infertile” if they have been trying to conceive for one year and have been unsuccessful. It is no surprise that trying to conceive can be very stressful. The devastation couples face with the diagnosis of infertility can be overwhelming but with the treatments available, a large number of women will have a baby. Of “infertile” couples, at least 70% of those who complete an infertility evaluation will respond to treatment and become pregnant. Those couples who do not seek help from a fertility specialist will have a pregnancy rate without therapy of only about 5-10% a year. The earlier a couple seeks infertility care the more likely they are to conceive. Additionally, the earlier care is received the more likely “less expensive” fertility treatments will be needed. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center [RMFC] understands the importance of building a family and will guide you through this tough phase in your life. The team at RMFC will listen to you and discuss your unique challenges of becoming a parent.

RMFC is a medical practice specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. RMFC provides a full service Fertility Center with an on-site IVF and Andrology lab. Located in Parker, Colorado, RMFC was founded on the philosophy of high success rates, cutting-edge technology, and personalized attention. With a thorough explanation of your best options, rates of success, and costs, RMFC will ensure the finest infertility treatment.

RMFC offers a variety of options in female infertility treatment, all with high success rates. Of the options available Ovulation Induction is most often the first treatment offered. Ovulation Induction uses medications to increase the number of eggs formed. When more eggs are produced each month the odds of conceiving are increased. Sometimes ovulation induction is coupled with insemination to increase the amount of sperm near the eggs. Ovulation induction can occur with Clomiphene Citrate, Letrozole or Human Menopausal Gonadotropins. Success rates with these therapies depend upon the patient’s diagnosis, age and partner’s sperm count.

Another treatment option available at RMFC is surgery. Surgery is often utilized to treat pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, blocked fallopian tubes or the absence of sperm.

In vitro Fertilization [IVF] is another treatment option. IVF is often utilized for couples in there are blocked fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis, severe pelvic adhesions, poor oocytes quality, male infertility, or unexplained infertility. Success from IVF can be as high as 80%.

For many couples the heartbreaking experience of infertility is the first crisis that they must face together. The realization that there might be a problem having the family they desire, often comes as a shock. Most couples do not realize that infertility is common and that one out of ten couples have difficulties becoming pregnant. Seeking care after 1 year of trying will increase the odds of a successful pregnancy 6-7 fold.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit Rockymountainfertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.rockymountainfertility.com.

Rocky Mountain Fertility, Top Infertility Clinic In Denver

As many individuals in America unfortunately struggle with the burden of infertility, RockyMountainFertilityCenter is proud to be established as being one of the leading infertility clinics in Denver. RockyMountainFertilityCenter understands the importance of patient care before, during and after treatment and focuses on offering their expert skill and knowledge in order to achieve high success rates. Trying to conceive can be a rather stressful experience, RockyMountainFertilityCenter is there to listen.

Undergoing fertility diagnosis and treatment is stressful. Whether it is fertility testing, inseminations, IVF or ovulation induction couples are disillusioned by their incapacity to conceive in a natural manner and the invasive procedures and costs of treatment can certainly add to the daily stress. At RockyMountainFertilityCenter, an infertility clinic near DenverColorado, the entire staff is dedicated to extending a helping hand. With a unique approach centered around listening to patient’s questions, concerns and comments, this infertility clinic in Denver has a strong commitment to providing a supportive environment for patients.

As one of the best infertility clinics in Denver, RockyMountainFertilityCenter not only has high success rates but very satisfied patients. Dr. Smith has been voted a top physician by patients at Vitals.com, for several years. Each doctor, nurse and staff member is available to answer questions, provide information and ensure that each patient is fully informed on various options available for treatment.

Once the choice of a treatment has been made, patients will also be thoroughly briefed on the various steps involved, possible road bumps and possible outcomes of therapy. This unique approach focusing on patients’ well-being as much as on the treatment itself can certainly make the difference in the lives of many couples and individuals.

All in all, if you are hoping to be taken care of and be surrounded by a team of experts who not only know what they are doing but also care about you as a patient, then RockyMountainFertilityCenter is certainly the infertility clinic in Denver you should be visiting. Established as a top infertility treatment clinic, RockyMountainFertilityCenter opens its door to any couple or individual seeking help with conceiving.

For more information on Rocky Mountain Fertility, their various infertility treatments or to obtain their contact information, please visit RockyMountainFertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.RockyMountainFertility.com.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Helps Women Reduce Stress During Fertility Treatment

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, a leading Colorado Infertility Diagnosis and treatment center helps women reduce stress to improve pregnancy rates during fertility therapy. The journey through infertility is a stressful one, especially if the journey has been difficult. Not understanding what the future may hold, how much fertility treatments may cost and whether or not you will be successful, makes the path to parenthood more complex. A recent study published in an infertility medical journal explains how women undergoing certain infertility treatments are more likely to become pregnant if they take part in a simultaneous stress reduction program.

The research study, published in the journal  Fertility and Sterility, raises questions about the role that stress reduction may play in infertility therapy. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center located in Parker, Colorado understands the unique role stress plays in making fertility treatments less successful. At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center the staff guarantees to listen. Their team will talk to you about your unique challenges to become a parent and provide you with the highest level of care which is instrumental to the success of starting your family. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center guarantees that they will explain your best options, the success rates and costs involved with your fertility care, making treatment less stressful. The doctors and nurses will also explain the possible “bumps along the way” during your treatment which may make treatment less successful. You will never feel pressured to choose a treatment option that may be too expensive or invasive, as you pursue your dream of having a child. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center will guide you on your journey from infertility to family. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, in Parker Colorado offers several options for stress reduction including acupuncture, massage therapy, home therapy [music/CD’s to take home to help you relax during different phases of fertility therapy] and psychotherapy.

Stress reduction is an extremely sensitive topic for couples, if the unwelcomed cliché heard by many infertile patients were only true “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant”. A diagnosis of infertility can cause considerable stress and sadness, and patients often report high levels of depression and anxiety. Some studies have compared the stress of infertility to that experienced by patients given the diagnosis of cancer. In the study quoted above about 52 percent of the women participating in the stress reduction program had become pregnant, compared with 20 percent in the group without therapy, demonstrating how stress reduction during fertility therapy is beneficial. Controversial data exists on whether stress reduction alone [without fertility therapy] improves pregnancy rates.

Dr. Deborah Smith of Rocky Mountain fertility Center recommends various stress reduction programs to patients. She provides Acupuncture and other stress reduction therapies to patients undergoing fertility therapy to improve pregnancy rates. Fertility therapies offered at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center include Ovulation induction, Inseminations, donor inseminations, In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Oocyte therapy, Minimally Invasive surgery and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

To find out more about stress reduction, fertility therapies and Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit RockyMountainFertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.rockymountainfertility.com.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Help Families Grow With In Vitro Fertilization & Donor Egg

sAn increasing number of women and couples are choosing to start their families later in life and as a result many are turning to In Vitro Fertilization with donor eggs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], the number of donor egg cycles has almost doubled in the past 10 years from 8131 attempts in 1999 to 15,099 attempts in 2009 [fresh and frozen cycles]. The first known pregnancy achieved with a donated egg occurred in 1984. Today, an estimated 10,000 babies a year are born worldwide from donated eggs.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is a medical practice located in Parker, Colorado that specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. There is an on-site In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory and Andrology Laboratory which is CAP accredited and has high success rates. At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center you get personalized care from Dr. Deborah Smith and her experienced medical team. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center in Parker, Colorado, offers a full spectrum of IVF services including routine IVF, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection [ICSI], Embryo Biopsy, Preimplantation Genetic Testing, Embryo Freezing, Oocyte Freezing and Donor Oocyte IVF.

Many women who have not been able to conceive but want to enjoy the experience of pregnancy and childbirth turn to egg donation at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center due to their high success rates with donor oocyte IVF and competitive package pricing. Poor egg quality due to a woman’s advanced age is the most common reason why single women and couples turn to egg donation. A woman’s egg quality drops when she’s over age 35 and significantly declines after age 39. Egg donation is commonly used by women or couples seeking fertility treatment in which:
•The woman has poor quality or no eggs, but wants the experience and joy of pregnancy not gained through adoption

•The woman has no ovaries but an intact uterus

•The woman has a genetic disease she does not want to pass on to her children

•The woman is over the age of 40, and has been told she will have low success with other therapies

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center In vitro fertilization [IVF] with Donor Eggs begins when the donor oocytes, are surgically retrieved from healthy young women. The woman donating eggs are generally between 21 to 32 years old – at their reproductive prime and old enough to give informed consent. Egg or oocyte donors undergo psychological and medical screening, which includes a thorough medical history and workup. [Donors are paid from about $ 7,000 to $ 12,000 to donate their eggs]. Next, donors receive hormone injections to induce the production of multiple eggs [ten or so eggs versus one]. Dr. Smith, of Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, then surgically removes the eggs from the donor’s ovaries. Most of the egg donors at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center live in Colorado and therefore have their entire cycle strictly monitored by Dr. Smith and her team, to ensure the highest success rates. The IVF lab will attempt to fertilize several eggs in vitro [in a laboratory] using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or donated sperm. The eggs in a donor cycle may be fertilized routinely [sperm placed in the petri dish with the egg] or with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection [ICSI] where the sperm is injected into the egg to allow fertilization [if the male partner’s sperm count is abnormal then ICSI is used]. Fertilized eggs [embryos] are then inserted into the recipient’s uterus. If successful, the embryo will attach to the uterine lining and develop into a healthy baby.

Patients may choose to use an egg donor from an agency or ask a relative/friend to donate oocytes. Success depends on many factors including the age of the egg donor, the number of eggs the donor produces, quality of semen, and the recipient’s overall health. A major risk factor is multiple births – with oocyte donation. The majority of donor egg cycles at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center have resulted in twin pregnancies and the majority of donor cycles have resulted in patients having frozen [cryopreserved] embryos.

To find out more about In vitro Fertilization and the donor egg process visit RockyMountainFertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.RockyMountainFertility.com.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Helps Colorado Residents Achieve In-Vitro Fertilization Success

To date, over three million children have been born through the process of In vitro fertilization [IVF] worldwide since the first IVF baby was born in 1978. This process is often recommended to women who have failed to conceive with less costly and invasive options, those with male factor infertility or blocked fallopian tubes. Data was first collected on the number of ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology] births worldwide in 1989 – and in that year only about 30,000 babies were born following ART. Two years ago, that figure had risen to 200,000 babies born per year from about 1 million IVF cycles performed worldwide. For the many Americans who are debating the possibility of entering the IVF treatment process, consultation with a specialist is recommended to find out if IVF treatment is right for them. For Colorado residents, exploring the In-vitro fertilization treatment options, there is simply no better partner in the process than Rocky Mountain Fertility Center.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is one of the leading centers for fertility treatment in North America. Offering patients a seamless combination of world class expertise and cutting-edge medical treatment, Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, a Colorado In vitro fertilization and fertility treatment center, provides the very highest levels of patient care. The team at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is trained to work with patients to discover the best solution to their specific medical needs.

Some patients are seen at a fertility clinic because their fallopian tubes are blocked. Options for treating blocked fallopian tubes are either fixing the fallopian tubes or In Vitro Fertilization. Whether IVF or tubal surgery is a better option depends on how much damage has occurred to the fallopian tube, the patient’s age and the male partner’s sperm count. Patients with tubal infertility should seek the advice of a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist to get an expert opinion on their best treatment option.

Patients are also seen at Infertility Clinics in Colorado for male factor infertility. About 30% of infertility is due to a problem with the sperm. Sometimes Intrauterine insemination may be utilized to increase pregnancy rates but at other times In Vitro fertilization is needed. Whether IUI, IVF or donor sperm is utilized will depend upon the specific sperm count. Factors analyzed include the count, the appearance of abnormally shaped sperm [abnormal morphology] or low sperm motility [“poor swimmers”]. The lower the count and motility the more likely In vitro fertilization will be needed.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis [PGD] is also a common reason women seek In vitro Fertilization treatment in Colorado. PGD allows the team at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center to test a patient’s embryos for genetic disorders before performing implanting the embryos. This test is especially important for those parents whose children are at high risk of inheriting a genetic defect. Once a couple has embryos created thru IVF, one cell from each of the fertilized embryos is tested for a genetic abnormality. The specialists at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center currently have the ability to test for hundreds of genetic disorders including genetic abnormalities seen in babies born to women over 35 years of age.

Women who need IVF may be interested in participating in a pilot study to evaluate the technique of egg freezing. Participation in this study will provide infertility specialists with important information to allow fertility specialists to offer this technology to women who wish to freeze their eggs before cancer treatment, freeze their eggs to postpone child bearing and freeze excess eggs in IVF cycles rather than embryos. Participation in the study will include a standard IVF cycle at a significantly discounted rate. Those interested in participating should call the Rocky Mountain fertility Center for details.
Not all women will need In Vitro Fertilization therapy in order to conceive, but those that do need In Vitro Fertilization in Colorado seek the treatment at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center due to their high success rates, cutting edge technology, compassionate care and competitive pricing.

About Rocky Mountain Fertility:

Colorado based Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is considered one of the most trusted fertility centers in North America. Dr. Smith at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center rates in the top 2% of all physicians by Vitals.com and Dr. Smith has received the top doctor award from Vitals.com for the past 2 years. For more information, please go to Rockymountainfertility.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit www.rockymountainfertility.com.