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Wenger denied that the sale of 9 center has been quoted in England Zuichen

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Every summer transfer window, Wenger always seems to always cost-conscious guard. Array of young talent, the gunmen who will always be coveted by wealthy European, while the hand is not well-off Arsene Wenger, but only with the rookies and veterans to fill the vacancy. Three years ago Wenger has used 7.5 million pounds to sign Croatia striker Eduardo, but experienced the devastation of terrorist injuries, the state as before, he has faced the fire sale of the crisis. However, in the British media exposed a second-rate team in Europe buy all the news soon after Eduardo, Wenger immediately come forward to be a denial.

Way back in 2007 just to join Arsenal, the Gunners striker Eduardo has occupied over the place. Although the league 17 games 4 goals relatively mediocre report card, but in the domestic cup and Champions League, Eduardo has 14 games 8-ball but the impressive efficiency. However, in early 2008 by Martin – Taylor tackles the legs, the level of Eduardo comeback is already plummeted, played in all competitions last season, harvest only 5 goals in 32 games, did not deserve the status of wealthy forward.

However, in talking about his former love will, Wenger has firmly denied the rumors will be selling discount – although the British media had disclosed Valencia, Aston Villa and Besiktas and so the team has door. “Eduardo is a member of Arsenal, I told him next season, full of expectations. He had suffered terrible injuries, and that through a back like in hell. But I think his work is still very high efficiency, And he is also very firm determination, these will play an important role on the Arsenal. “

If in the center position, only two of Van Persie and Bendtner Eduardo Arsenal need to continue to support, then the goalkeeper position is now no lack of people has been basically the gunmen. Manuel Almunia already has, Fabianski and Manor in the case of 37-year-old Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has basically decided the old franchise, which makes the addition of the new season, Arsenal’s defense a little protection. Thus, after moving very close with Arsenal of England Green also will have no country of hope. According to the British sport.uk reported that Arsenal did not start to finish in the World Cup to become the “Three Lions sinners,” the West Ham goalkeeper to make a formal offer, with the arrival of Mark Schwarzer, 30-year-old Green may also be hard in this life dream of a wealthy circle.

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The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists Of Keller Williams Realty Win Top Honors

The Ballen Group, Las Vegas short Sale Specialists of Nevada, win top honors for production in listing, marketing, and closing Short Sale Homes in Nevada using their Comprehensive Short Sale System.

The Ballen Group, a top team of Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists under the brokerage Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas has once again received multiple awards for their real estate production which in turn is helping Nevada Homeowners. On Tuesday, October 19th, The Ballen Group was recognized for top achievements in Listings, Production, and marketing. Receiving such awards is significant to The Ballen Group as they had just made a big move from a Coldwell Banker franchise to the Keller Williams Family. “The move was disruptive and chaotic, but necessary”, says Lori Ballen, Team Leader for The Ballen Group.

The Ballen Group knows that their short sale closing ratio and production is so high due to their comprehensive Las Vegas Short sale system for sellers. Many Las Vegas mortgages now exceed the fair market value of the home. Negative equity has become an increasing problem for the nation, but is excessive in Las Vegas. With the prices of Las Vegas homes decreasing, and the interest rates on previous subprime loans increasing, many Las Vegas home sellers have no choice but to negotiate with the bank to take less (also known as a short) on the sale of the property. The seller proves a hardship to the bank which could include divorce, loss of income, health issues and other various situations proving the monthly mortgage payments are impossible for the homeowner to pay. The home owner hires a Real Estate agent, such as The Ballen Group, Short Sale Agents to sell their home and negotiate the sale with the bank.

The Ballen Group and their expert team of agents working Short Sales in Nevada lists the short sale property the same as they would with any other property. It is marketed on the internet, television, mail outs, magazines and more. The real estate commissions are negotiated with the bank rather than the seller. Ballen then receives offers and presents them to the seller. Once an offer is chosen, it is submitted to the bank for approval. The entire process takes 60-120 days on average and could save the homeowner from Las Vegas foreclosure (Terms should be discussed with the sellers attorney, accountants, credit advisors and any other professionals outside of the general real estate field).

The Ballen Group encourages its licensed agents and Realtors to undergo Short Sale Training and classes and stay up to date on bank requirements and policies. In addition to the licensed agents, The Ballen Group provides full time transaction coordinators to help in the short sale process. The Ballen Group, managed by Richard and Lori Ballen (Wekerle) is very successful in marketing & selling Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson Short Sales and helping home sellers valley wide. They hold a high standard for the agents, and practice professionalism, honesty, and ethical practices at all times.

The Ballen Group specializes in Las Vegas Real Estate, Henderson Real Estate, North Las Vegas Real Estate, Short Sales (Pre Foreclosures) and Las Vegas Foreclosures.

702.482.7739 – http://www.ShortsaleinNevada.com – When Ready to sell your Las Vegas Home – if you owe more than the mortgage, we can help. Call us to discuss short sale options. Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists with Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. If you are looking to buy, feel free to use our Online Nevada MLS search and Property Finder at http://www.ForSaleByBallen.com – It’s FREE and Online NOW.

Hafa Explained By Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist Team Closing Las Vegas Short Sales

HAFA Explained

To give a quick summary (you can Google HAFA for much more details), HAFA is a streamlined process for home owners to try to get a loan modification on their property, if the home owner is denied on the loan modification then the bank will encourage a short sale and incentives it for the home owner.

Who’s Eligible?

* Have to live in the home or have moved out in the last 90 days due to a job transfer

* Delinquent on the mortgage now or in foreseeable near future

* Loan balance of $ 730,000 or less

* Only applies to your first mortgage

* Borrowers mortgage payment must exceed 31% of monthly income

** Note there are few more requirements but this is the majority of them…


* $ 3000 given to home owner at the closing for a successful short sale

* Servicer on the loan gets $ 1,500

* Junior lien holders get up to $ 6,000 to release the liens for short sale

** Paid for by the U.S. Treasury**

Time Line For HAFA Process

* Bank has 30 days to approve or deny the loan modification, if denied short sale encouraged

* Borrower submits “short sale” package to lender

* Bank to review value of home and amount of money owed and establish what price to list home

* Borrower/Real estate agent has 14 days to submit listing paperwork to the bank

* Real estate agent has 120 days to get an accepted offer on the home

* Real estate agent has 3 days to get the offer to the bank

* Bank/Servicer has 10 days to approve or deny the offer

* Bank to give a minimum of 45 days to buyer to close

Banks Participating

Bank Of America


Wells Fargo



Many others

Get your FREE Las Vegas Short Sale Kit packed full of vital information pertaining to the Short Sale Process, Nevada Foreclosure, Pros and Cons, Hardship Package Information and more.

The Ballen Group – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists
North Las Vegas Short Sales, Henderson Short Sales
3100 S. Durango #106 Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 482-7739


702.482.7739 – http://www.ShortsaleinNevada.com – When Ready to sell your Las Vegas Home – if you owe more than the mortgage, we can help. Call us to discuss short sale options. Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists with Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. If you are looking to buy, feel free to use our Online Nevada MLS search and Property Finder at http://www.ForSaleByBallen.com – It’s FREE and Online NOW