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Stem Cells Make Human Eggs: Cure for Infertility?

BY EMILY SPAIN You’re watching multisource health/science news analysis from Newsy. Researchers might have a cure in the works for infertility in women. Scientists say they found ovary stem cells they can convert into unfertilized human eggs. WBAL has the details of the experiment. “Similar experiments in mice show transplanting the egg cells into the ovaries of infertile females produced healthy offspring. Scientists believe the same is possible in humans and are exploring the possibility of human stem cell banks.” Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital used a cell-sorting machine to find reproductive cells from the ovaries of mice and then did the same with donated human ovaries. According to the New York Times, the experiment on human ovaries had positive results. “The egg cells, when injected into mice, generated follicles, the ovarian structure in which eggs are formed, as well as mature eggs, some of which had a single set of chromosomes, a signature of eggs and sperm.” The BBC talked to one doctor who called the results of the experiment “extremely significant” and “a potentially landmark piece of research.” The outlet quoted him saying: “If this research is confirmed it may overturn one of the great asymmetries of reproductive biology – that a woman’s reproductive pool of gametes may be renewable, just like a man’s.” Other researchers aren’t so sure. Some question if egg-producing cells actually exist in ovaries. Director of the Center for Reproductive
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