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She came to be known as a lady of compassion who has a heart full of love. She is loved by people of all religions in the world. By birth she was a Yugoslavian- Born in the year 1910 she was a Yugoslavian citizen by birth. She was given a name and purified by the church. This place now known as ‘kolkata’ is the capital of west Bengal, in India and this is where she came after her high school studies in Yugoslavia. For few years she worked as sister of Convent and then left it. She had made up her mind to dedicate her life for the poor in the slums. Even outside India, these mercenaries helped the poor and she promoted these many groups to be a part of it. Its incredible the way she felt for these poor people She helped them physically also. She was known for her dedicated love and compassion, for these helpless poor people who had nowhere to go.

Due to her continuous effort in compassionate work and humanitarian activities, she was a recipient of many awards throughout the world. Every time she was awarded these prestigious awards, the entire world said she well deserved them.

She ceased to be in her physical form. She is kept alive by people all over the world by her famous quotes. Whatever she said about love and peace, is remembered in the form of her quotations even today.

At a time when there were many great poets; he made his presence felt like none other. They were married very young. She gave birth to 3 children later. In later 1590’s he took up full time writing as his career from the heart. His talent was appreciated in both forms and the monetary gains were good especially when he wrote and acted in ‘King’s Men’s’. Some said he wrote them while others did not agree to this. The plays were mostly revised or collaborated.

Sonnet is a little song with a little sound and he wrote these with the themes of love, humanity and beauty. The sonnets he wrote about love, beauty and humanity were a total of 154. The literary groups discuss them and appreciate the aesthetics in each of them. Sonnets are generally composed of 3 quatrains with 14 lines followed by closing couplet. These two poems had lines that became very famous quotes, soon after these were published. Both these quotes appealed to many people all over the world. These quotes found their place in the earlier publication as well.

There is no doubt about the popularity of Mother Teresa all across the globe. Both Mother Teresa and William Shakespeare have left behind, a legacy of beautiful and meaningful words that they believed in, themselves.

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Safety drive to stop IVF clinics putting profit before embryos

Safety drive to stop IVF clinics putting profit before embryos
However, he made a series of recommendations on how patients should be dealt with when they have fertility treatments, all of which have been accepted by ministers. Around 60,000 treatments are provided each year, with 15,000 babies born after their …
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stop trying in life

Dr.Rob Kiltz creates a daily intention and then records a video blog each weekday. He is the owner and director of CNY Fertility Center and CNY Healing Arts Center with locations in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester, NY.
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EGG VITRIFICATION: Stop the Biological Clock

A look into the new technology of Egg Vitrification which, for many women, may stop the biological clock. Featuring Dr. Christo Zouves, Medical Director at Zouves Fertility Center in San Francisco, California. The third clip in a series on breakthrough reproductive technologies used at Zouves Fertility Center. www.goivf.com Yelp www.yelp.com Dr. Zouves’ Facebook www.facebook.com Zouves Fertility Center’s Facebook www.facebook.com Dr. Zouves’ LinkedIn www.linkedin.com
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