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Ways To Improve Ivf Success Rates

If you are about to undergo in-vitro fertilisation and are looking for ways to improve IVF success rates, there are a number of steps to consider, all of which can help you achieve success. We all know how expensive IVF is, both in monetary and emotional terms and so it is really worth taking on board tried and tested tips.

Reducing Stress

It is easy to forget the impact of stress on all aspects of our lives, but under normal circumstances it is seen as an inconvenience which is part of everyday life. However, reducing stress levels is critical when undergoing IVF procedures as excessive stress can affect hormonal balance and interfere with the production of eggs. It is important to take some time out and think about what relaxes you. Good ways to improve IVF rates include spending time with friends or family, a spa day, having some quiet time reading or even just catching up on sleep. Not only can relaxation have a direct effect on your fertility, but it will improve your overall well-being at what is a difficult time.


Ensuring that you eat a healthy diet, rich in the required nutrients is one of the most important ways to improve IVF success rates. You should aim to reduce the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar you are eating and ensure that your meals include small quantities of protein-rich foods. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is also recommended, as is eating sprouting beans and complex carbohydrates. It is also a good idea to consider taking one of the proprietary pre-natal supplements to promote a healthy menstrual cycle and omega 3 oil to help build healthy structural elements of the egg cells


This popular complementary therapy has been shown to help with various aspects of IVF treatment. By increasing the blood supply to the uterus, it can help to increase egg quantity and improve the quality of the womb lining. In addition, it can help reduce the side effects of Lupron. Specific ways to improve IVF rates include a particular technique to help the follicles grow equally, which increases the potential number of eggs available for recovery.


When undergoing IVF, this is a time for gentle exercise rather than strenuous forms which can have a detrimental effect on the procedure. Suitable forms include walking or yoga, both of which can help increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

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Ivf Tips For Success – Your Diet

The high level of necessary medical intervention involved in the process of in-vitro fertilisation often makes many women feel that they have lost control and have little say in what is going on. However, contrary to this belief, there is very much you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive outcome and there are a number of IVF tips for success which can really help.

If possible, you should begin preparing your body as soon as you know you will be undergoing IVF treatment to gain maximum benefit. However, it is never too late to make changes even if you are about to begin treatment.

First of all, one of the very best IVF tips for success is to ensure that your diet is healthy and that you are avoiding known toxins. A healthy diet should largely comprize of plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, beans and lean meats. Low fat dairy produce is also beneficial. Many IVF doctors recommend sticking to organic produce to avoid exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and hormones as it is important that embryos are not exposed to toxic chemicals of any sort. You should avoid trans fats and saturated fats.

Drinking enough fluid is another very important consideration. Your body requires hydration to keep the internal organs healthy generally, but for fertility, it is essential for keeping fluid levels in the fallopian tubes, endometrium and follicle at healthy levels. For the man, hydration is important for sperm nourishment. The best fluid to drink is filtered water and some diluted fruit juice and you will need around 2 liters each day.

If necessary, you should try your best to ensure that you are of a healthy weight. Being both overweight and underweight can affect fertility. Therefore, if time is on your side, take a good look at what the healthy weight range is for your height and try to get there. If you are overweight, do not despair as even losing some weight can help kick-start normal ovarian function.

Caffeine can also impair fertility so other IVF tips for success include avoiding coffee, tea and caffeinated cola drinks. One large study indicated that the risk of infertility was 55% higher for women who drank just one cup of coffee per day, rising to an alarming 100% increase for those drinking between 1.5 and 3 cups per day. Also, there is some limited evidence to suggest that coffee increases miscarriage rates and can affect fetal growth.

Alcohol and smoking are two other considerations and both parties should avoid these toxins altogether.

As part of these tips for IVF success, we shall also look at dietary supplementation. Many tailor-made pre-conception nutritional supplements, specially designed for both men and women have come onto the market in the last few years. In general, these are very good as they include all the micronutrients and essential vitamins and minerals essential for fertility, such as zinc, Vitamins C and E, magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10, iron and the Vitamin B complex. Also important are essential fatty acids, such as that found in flax seed oil.

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