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Infertility treatment options for women

Millions of couples are living lugubrious life being childless. There are many factors which cause infertility in women. We can basically classify whether these factors are acquired or genetic, or strictly by location.Research says Age, Smoking, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Being Overweight or Underweight could also affect fertility in women.

Tubal Damage
Male problems

For there  female infertility treatment is widely available now. Hope of being fertile is still there as clinics are working wonderfully outstanding in regard these days.

Today Female infertility treatment has made enormous progress in reproductive technology. This medical technology combines the use of fertility drugs – hormonal therapy – with artificial insemination usingIUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF (in vitro fertilization), GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer), ZIFT (zygote intrafallopian transfer) and oocyte (egg) donation.

Women get less fertile as they grow older. The fertility in womenreaches to peak between 22-26 age groups. Thereafter, it starts to decline. This decline accelerates after age 35. Exact chances of a woman to conceive after a certain age are yet unclear.

However, it’s been seen that there are chances some couplesconceive successfully at an advanced age. But this depends on many factors, including general health of a woman and the fertility of the male partner.

For infertility treatment, hormonal testing and ultrasounds are done to evaluate ovulation and ovarian age. There is an X-ray of the uterus and tubes are carried out called a Hysterosalpingogram or HSG Test. This surgical method is done assess uterine or tubal status. Another surgical procedure such as laparoscopy is preformed to view the interior organs or an endoscopic inspection of the uterus indicates the structure of the uterus or fallopian tubes.

One of the successful infertility treatments in women is IVF, In Vitro Fertilisation. Thousands of babies have been delivered worldwide with the medical method. The IVF procedure is simple, safe and successful. It starts with stimulation of the ovary to produce several fertilizable oocytes (eggs). There is retrieval of the oocytes from the ovary with fertilization of the oocytes and culture of the embryos in the IVF. Finally, the embryos into the uterus is placed, which is called embryo transfer.

Medical technology has given opportunity for people living childless life till now. Such couples can take benefits of these medical methods.

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Causes of Infertility in Women


Have you been struggling with  infertility for a long period of time?  Perhaps you have gone through endless appointments at infertility clinics to get treatments for your condition. Are you wondering just what  keeps you from getting pregnant?  Infertility treatments focus on restoring your fertility by  looking at the root causes of infertility and helping you get pregnant.


The causes of infertility in women come in three basic  categories: 1.) mechanical problems involving your reproductive organs; 2.) hormonal imbalances in the chemicals in your body that regulate ovulation, pregnancy and fertility 3.) or, a disease that affects the functioning or condition of the uterus and which can interfere with hormonal balance.  Any of these causes  of infertility may send you to your physician and result in a referral to an infertility clinic. Infertility treatments can resolve or correct the causes of infertility and help you get pregnant.


Causes of Infertility in Women: Mechanical Problems


One commonly seen mechanical cause of infertility that requires infertility treatment is a blocked fallopian tube.  This is the tube that carries the egg from the ovary to the uterus. If  the tube is blocked, the sperm cannot  make its way to the egg.   One simple infertility treatment in an infertility clinic involves a procedure to “blow out” the fallopian tubes to clear them.  Endometriosis can be another cause of infertility that requires infertility treatments.  This condition involves the lining of the uterus growing outside the organ, and many infertility clinics will recommend infertility treatments that get this condition under control in order to conceive.


Uterine fibroids are very common in women, but they are not a common cause of infertility.  Still, some infertility clinics will recommend infertility treatments that involve removing these benign uterine growths because they can interfere with the egg implanting inside the uterus.  Another cause of infertility is pelvic adhesions, which are tight bands of scar tissue that constrict the uterus.  A fertility clinic might recommend having these adhesions surgically removed.


Causes of Infertility in Women: Hormonal Problems


Some of the most frustrating causes of infertility that bring a woman into infertility clinics are those that stem from hormonal issues.  Ovulation disorders can prevent the egg from releasing from the ovary, and you may need to take medications to stimulate the ovary to release an egg.  Another type of disorder that commonly requires infertility treatment is polycystic ovarian syndrome.  This condition involves an excess of male hormones in the body that interfere with pregnancy hormones. You may be given infertility treatment to correct the hormonal imbalance.


Another possible hormonal cause of infertility is elevated prolactin levels.  Prolactin stimulates the body to produce breast milk and signals the body to  prevent pregnancy.  An infertility clinic would be able to correct this imbalance with medications.  Or, you may experience early menopause  — another possible cause of  infertility, depending on your age.  Some women can experience menopause as early as 40 years old.  Even women in their 30s, those who engage in excessive exercise regimens, may find themselves in early menopause. In this case, no effective fertility treatment is possible.


Causes of Infertility in Women: Diseases and Conditions


Many different diseases and the medications prescribed for women can contribute to infertility.   You can speak with your doctor at your infertility clinic about your own concerns about infertility. Your physician may be able to adjust your medications or  successfully treat your underlying condition so that you are able to get pregnant.  Some of the diseases that prompt women to seek infertility treatments at infertility clinics are Sickle Cell Disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.  If you have had cancer with radiation, your cancer treatments could be another cause of infertility.  You would need to discuss with your doctor at your infertility clinic your diagnosed conditions that are causing infertility. Your doctor will help you to  find  appropriate options and recommend the right course of action for  your infertility treatment.

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