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Laser — assisted zona thinning (LAZT)

Laser -- assisted zona thinning (LAZT)

Thinning a portion of the outer embryo shell by a laser for facilitating embryo’s hatching process. Some embryo implantation problems in patients with recurrent implantation failure may be…
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Zona Free oocyte Microinjection and embryo development – Chennai Fertility Center – Dr.VM.Thomas

Mrs x and y came for the treatment at CFC.she is 38 year old lady.previous 3 icsi failure out side.we counselled and programmed her for IVF/ICSI at chennai fertility center.Male partner is normal. she is poor responder.we used antagonist protocol.she produced only two oocytes, of which one is GV and another one is zona free oocyte. we injected zona free oocyte and cultured for up to Day 5 due to previous implantation failure.Interestingly the zona free oocyte produced nice blastocyst on day 5.we transferred day 5 zona free blastocyst we got viable single ongoing pregnancy.she is now at 27 weeks ongoing pregnancy. so pls watch this video – zona free oocyte microinjection(ICSI) and development till blastocyst.we have sent this case report for publication.
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